Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hurricane Ike to Ike's Place August 3, 2009

Date: September 12th and 13th 2008

Subject: Hurricane Ike

Almost a year since old Ike spanked us. Bonnie put together a 'before and after' kinda slide show of our ride with old Ike. the first few pictures of sunsets, then older picture of apartment outback, then a shot from the end of the pier i.e (was), about 12 hours before Ike..

two songs, the first song are with pictures of the day before, as the tide is a rising, storm still 12 hours out and our pier going, going, gone, pretty and sunny (should have headed for the hills then), pictures of our house boarded up, the apartment outback i.e. 'the in-laws shack', and our neighbors on either side, and shots of the yards, the piers, bulkheads etc., as the tide keeps on rolling in, until it got bad and i had to go in that evening. i thought it would never get over the hill. it never had, until about 2 A.M. the next morning. you can see those shots, i finally went out about an hour into the eye and took some pictures outback, and i was standing in the bay still right beside the apartment. the water had started going down fast as soon as the eye came across.

then, 'the day after', first shots are of what was left of apartment and garage. and then, the cleanup and repairs began, the day, weeks, months after, to date, old Ike's house outback BYOB ;-) come on down, were still here.

thought some of you want to watch it. ...